Hobby/UMC Utilimaster Aeromate Stepvan

My 1993 Aeromate
My project 1993 UMC Utilimaster Aeromate Stepvan

So far I've done head gaskets + valve grind/lapping, front shocks, steering gear, other small fixes.

Still need to actually rebuild the engine because it had a blown head gasket when I bought it and it had been sitting for years with the right
rear cylinder half full of water, which rusted it pretty bad.

As a result it burns a bit of oil, and if I let it idle for half an hour that one spark plug will foul up and develop a 100% misfire on that cylinder.

The engine also leaks oil and the transmission does as well so it needs some new seals.

Also the hood lift gas struts aren't good any more so I have to prop the hood. The roof also leaks somehow sometimes.

Usefull info:

1989-1993 Aeromate Parts List

Manufacturer's parts list for 89-92, also applicable to 93